Education Centre

Welcome to our education centre. In this section of the site, you'll find all sorts of useful information relating to the many aspects of tablet dissolution. It is our intention to build this into an accessible yet comprehensive resource, allowing you to get the most out of your equipment whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.

If you would like to see a specific article in this section, or require any further information, please contact us.

  • Introduction to Dissolution - A short introduction to tablet dissolution.
  • Baskets & Shafts - Learn about the what baskets and shafts are as well as information on types of basket and how to use them.
  • Dissolution Filters - An easy-to-follow introduction to dissolution filters.
  • Media Degassing - A detailed introduction to media degassing and its applications.
  • Paddles - An easy-to-follow introduction to dissolution paddles and USP Apparatus 2.
  • Sampling - A useful introduction to sampling and sampling cannulae.
  • Validation - A comprehensive list of hardware variables and how to control them in dissolution testing.
  • Vessels - An introduction to vessels and their place in the dissolution test.
  • Vessel Covers - A brief summary of the reasons to use vessel covers in your dissolution tests.
  • Weights & Sinkers - An introduction to the different types of weights and sinkers and how they should be used.